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About the Farmers / Advocacy


Farmers in the Philippines are known to be in the POOREST OF THE POOR CATEGORY of our society and population.
Government has been wanting to elevate them up, since they comprise allegedly about 80% of our population, but has been unsuccessful for decades despite billions being spent annually. With average median age at 56, it is obvious the livelihood that is farming is an ageing, probably dying profession, with their children usually not wanting and deciding not  to be like their poor parents, abandoning the farm and its way of life, for a more urban and secure existence.
But when we allow this to continue, we are consigning our own country and people towards a social dilemma. Without us producing our foods, we become poorer, lacking in food security, and losing our own capabilities as a nation to feed itself. The direction must therefore be reversed, changed gears, and find a resolute and firm resolve to turn agriculture in the Philippines, specially for the un-empowered small farm owners and operators, the wherewithal to turn their situation around. How?


The market is therefore the key. But if they lack the basic tools to bring their goods and produce to the market, then it is a hard climb indeed. Logistics, Capitals, Packaging, Technologies, Food Preparation, and many other skills are needed to make that happen.

We endeavor to provide them some of these, and contribute to lessening the burdens while empowering them to make this work. Delivery systems must be worked out for them, with small farmers being capable to deliver nationwide, even when their production is small.