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Export Process

Most small farmers could not even sell in the local domestic market. The best place for them is the bagsakan, where their goods are sold at the lowest prices to address the perishability issue. The quicker they are disposed, the better, but it does pull the prices down always. Never upwards, always on the losing direction.
Bringing the produce to the national and international markets, is one of the best strategy to help them.
But how?
Again, volumes and commitments and integrity in the market place are words that they need to learn.
Documentation is a daunting task, and certifications are needed.
We aim to help them do all these. Our export expertise will come handy for them.
Our vision seeks out to bring those goods in the national and international market place, whether it is a small parcel delivery, or LCL(LESS CONTAINER LOAD), or FCL(full container load) to anywhere in the world that will buy them.