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TUKO DISTRIBUTION INC. is a green company, focused on organic, naturally farmed and locally available farm inputs, outputs, and resources.
It is a company formed out of the desire to help the poor farmers, the MSMEs and the small integrators and consolidators.

TUKO is a name that Filipinos recognize, name for the Gecko that thrives in natural environments. Since it is a predator and eats usually the small insects, it can not exist nor thrive in an environment ravished by chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and therefore may be considered as a harbinger of green and healthy habitat. Finding the TUKO in a farm signifies that the environment around is healthy and green and safe. It is a name that reflects our social advocacy, that of helping the environment  by promoting the sales of green healthy and organic goods, providing the means for the poor and small farmers and integrators, to reach the nationwide and international markets. 

TUKO DISTRIBUTION INC. is a social advocacy tool for assisting FARMERS and MicroSmall Medium Enterprises in the Philippines to have access to, utilize and optimize their product market exposures, sales, delivery and logistics capabilities. Where before small farmers have no capacity for volumes, manufacturing ability and market reach,  TUKO Distribution Inc. aims to provide the vehicle to catapult the small farmers into the market place and participate progressively towards wealth and employment generation, capacity building, and social networkings.

TUKO DISTRIBUTION INC. provides tools and apps to Farmers and MSMEs, suppliers and logistics players, enabling the value chain to become a seamless continous and efficient run from suppliers to users/buyers utilizing available technology, and the access and optimization capabilities that logistics can provide it, to meet national delivery sales. We aim to pick up FARMERS' products, even in remotest regions, and DELIVER THEM to the buyers in MetroManila, or anywhere else in the Philippines. Export development is too a goal that our system aims to optimize.

The system will allow the SMALL FARMERS and MSMEs, utilizing our technical and delivery capabilties, to reach markets wherever it is possible, even when the volume is small. The delivery deals from suppliers to users, if possible without the use of warehousing and storage, can cut the costs and provide efficiency to the logistics schemes.

As a SOCIAL ADVOCACY, this system will help in fostering ECONOMIC INCLUSIVENESS in our ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES, with the small farmers and MSME getting into the loop EVEN WHEN HIS CAPACITY AND CAPABILITIES are basic and miniscule compared to the LARGE MANUFACTURERS AND PRODUCERS.

Help us make this work.