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Wholesale Process


Goods and Produce are posted progressively and continuously with MARKS:  SEASONAL AND AS VOLUMES LAST.
Those words are meant to provide the buyers the prompting to know that since these are farm produced, the seasonality of the crops and produce, would only allow limited marketing, hence prompt attention to quick purchase becomes the best norm.

The best and freshest come directly from the farms, and that seasonality brings to it, the charm and uniqueness to the produce
that only those coming from Green Farms can produce.

The WHOLESALE PROCESS begins with PRE-HARVEST INFORMATION that are posted on the web.
Projected harvest season/time, and the estimated volumes will be posted and request for purchase offers are accepted.
This will allow the farmers to choose from the market place, to which buyers they can deliver their goods to.
It allows for choices and best options, that beforehand the farmers didnt have, couldnt do, and incapable of having.
It develops too a better wholesale relationship that can last for a long time, giving both the buyers and sellers longterm relationships in the marketplace.